Red Keep Productions Update – May, 2014

Hello all!

Good News, Everyone! We’re working on an exciting project right now and as soon as I’m locked and positive, all will be revealed!

Thank you all for your support!



Status Report for Red Keep Productions!

Greetings all!

It’s been quite a while since our last posting activity and we’d like to apologize for that. Since our Indiegogo Campaign, we have been taking long, hard looks at what direction we need to go in order to run not just a successful campaign, but to make the best film we can produce for everyone to enjoy!

Right now, after taking in the feedback we have gotten privately from you guys and the public, we’re leaning towards focusing on making a film and save the documentary for a later date when we can end up funding that ourselves.

What does this mean for the few that did contribute to our Indiegogo campaign? Well, you’ll still get the perks you purchased had the contributions went through, the ones that hadn’t gone through yet, well, you haven’t actually spent the money, so no worries! Either it’ll go back to you, or should it go through, we’ll honour the contribution package with a small added token of appreciation for your support.

So what’s next?
Over the next few months, we will be going over the screenplays that we have, checking which of them we could feasibly do with minimal funding, work up a production document, and launch our new Kickstarter campaign for it rather than Indiegogo which was – from what we were told – a big reason people didn’t jump in to contribute. People prefer to use Kickstarter and now that it’s available in Canada, we’ll be using that for the foreseeable future as far as our film production fundraising goes.

I’d like to personally thank everyone that has supported me in my pursuit to make my films. It means a great deal to me to have you all here with me at the starting line and I will not forget each and every one of you when it’s red carpet time. 

See you on the silver screen!
Jay Bianco
Founder, Red Keep Productions

Video Update? Possibly!


As you may know if you’re following along, we’re now at 29 days left for the campaign. Less than one month to go to try and raise the funds needed for this campaign.

And with that and the suggestion of my writer (and wife!), I’ve been considering a video update to where we’re at and what we’re doing. So keep your eyes here on this site, because if and when it’s done and uploaded, you’ll hear about it right here first!

Thank you all for the support!


More Twittering and Validation!


As you’ve all read, last night I did my usual Twitter-Social-Climbing. And we’ve had some successes in the support department! @TheNerdOnline, @cosplayblog, @Bardic_ (PvP Lead for Wildstar) retweeted our campaign link to the world! Well, to their followers, but that’s the world! I also found Kevin Smiths views on people like him and Spike Lee using Kickstarter to fund their films when they can very well do it themselves being unfair to Indie Filmmakers like myself an incredible view, very thankful for that, so I let him know this, and @ThatKevinSmith favourited it! Hey, acknowledgement is huge in this business…of any kind.

It’s deeply appreciated when people out there that HAVE the connections, that HAVE the pull, that know how it feels to push what you’re trying to do day after day, facing what seems like endless rejection when trying to just get the word out….it just means the world when that happens. It validates what you’re doing. And that means quite a bit in this business. There’s no business like show business, kids.


Exposure and Contributors

Evening all!

It’s 2:33am, Thursday morning, August 15th, 2013 and I’m wide awake. Yeah, part of me is brain-storming, but a big part of me is networking and virtual-social-climbing my ass off. How do you do that, you ask? Well, by Tweeting as many people / celebrities / Film Production Studios you can think of that you are personally interested in on the off-chance that they’ll LOOK at what you’re doing, and like it enough to either Retweet it (RT), actually click the link and see what it’s about, or maybe, just maybe, like what you’re doing enough to make you their personal pet project. And yes, I feel dirty, I feel bad, but what else is an up-and-coming Filmmaker to do? I have to get exposure, I have to try anything I can to make my film happen and successful, and this is how it’s done, now-a-days, I suppose…

But does it work?

Yes and no. Peter Mayhew (yes, Chewbacca) not only commented on my campaign on Twitter (“looks interesting!”), but he ALSO retweeted it! Too bad my timing as bad and it was during San Diego Comic Con, which means barely many of his 30k followers saw it. So there’s that. But it’s a start! And I’ve just spent the last few hours doing just that.

So! Pass it around, people! We need the contributors and investors! We need the people to get interested in it enough to believe in it enough to contribute, purchase perks, and invest in us!

After all, not everyone is Spike Lee and worth $40 million, but still ask the public for $1.25 million on Kickstarter for the same old crappy film he’s been making for the past decade…..


Interview Hunting Begins!


So while the crew has been working on the writing itself, I’ve started contacting various costumers, cos-players and groups that I’d love to make sure we interview and get into this film. As it stands, being a part of The 501st Legion myself, we’re obviously going to interview Legion members. Most if not all 501st members have tons of other costumes from other franchises. We’re not delegated to just doing Star Wars. For example, I’m also working on an Iron Man set of gear to line up a bunch of regularly scheduled children’s hospital and children’s hospice visits. A lot of the Garrison and Squads are part of or started their own costuming groups of different costuming franchises as well, for example The UK Garrison of The 501st Legion also has a group called Reel Icons which consists of several franchise characters like Jack Sparrow, Planet of the Apes and The Avengers to name just a few. So we will be setting up interviews with members of the UK Garrison/Reel Icons. I’ve also been talking to several costumers and cos-players on The Replica Prop Forum (The RPF), and setting up interviews taking place at the various conventions we will be heading out to!

We’re also interview members of The Outer Rim Squad, which is the part of The 501st Legion I’m personally a part of. Within that, we have members that are part of a Comic Book Super Hero group, a Battlestar Galactica group, and The Rebel Legion – the sister organization to The 501st Legion.

We’ll also interview a costuming group that a great friend of mine that I grew up with back in New York! So it’s very exciting to have SO many costumers that are already ready to be a part of this film, be interviewed, tell their stories, show off their great costumes and help make this film the best Costuming and Cos-playing film of all time!

Talk to you soon!!