New Documentary for Cosplayers and Costumers Everywhere!

I’m doing a new documentary that is basically  along the lines of ‘The Hunt For Hope’, but to really get in there deeper, make it longer, bigger production and make it a hardball piece, not just another fluff piece. I want to use everything I did with ‘The Hunt For Hope’ and expand on it intensely, use it as a start, a jumping point from which to do a documentary that’s not been done this way before. I want to get out there and really do something that cosplayers, costumers, the Rebel Legion and The 501st Legion alike can all point to and say “THIS! This is us. This says it all!”

I want to have the foundation and focus of it be how we are insulted, talked down to/about and otherwise slammed by the people of the press, news tv reporters, newspaper journalists, and average schmuck on the street because of what we do – dress up in these outrageous costumes. And what I want to show is what we DO with these costumes and WHY we do it. The other topic I will cover extensively is “cosplay =/= consent”.

I want to show that there is nothing “wrong with us”. We’re not all freaky losers living in their mother’s basement, uber-geek-virgins that have never and will never know the touch of the opposite sex. That we are all PEOPLE. We run the gamut from busboy to police officers to fire fighters to doctors to lawyers to truckers to students, etc, etc. We are brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, etc, etc.

Stay tuned!



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