Interview Hunting Begins!


So while the crew has been working on the writing itself, I’ve started contacting various costumers, cos-players and groups that I’d love to make sure we interview and get into this film. As it stands, being a part of The 501st Legion myself, we’re obviously going to interview Legion members. Most if not all 501st members have tons of other costumes from other franchises. We’re not delegated to just doing Star Wars. For example, I’m also working on an Iron Man set of gear to line up a bunch of regularly scheduled children’s hospital and children’s hospice visits. A lot of the Garrison and Squads are part of or started their own costuming groups of different costuming franchises as well, for example The UK Garrison of The 501st Legion also has a group called Reel Icons which consists of several franchise characters like Jack Sparrow, Planet of the Apes and The Avengers to name just a few. So we will be setting up interviews with members of the UK Garrison/Reel Icons. I’ve also been talking to several costumers and cos-players on The Replica Prop Forum (The RPF), and setting up interviews taking place at the various conventions we will be heading out to!

We’re also interview members of The Outer Rim Squad, which is the part of The 501st Legion I’m personally a part of. Within that, we have members that are part of a Comic Book Super Hero group, a Battlestar Galactica group, and The Rebel Legion – the sister organization to The 501st Legion.

We’ll also interview a costuming group that a great friend of mine that I grew up with back in New York! So it’s very exciting to have SO many costumers that are already ready to be a part of this film, be interviewed, tell their stories, show off their great costumes and help make this film the best Costuming and Cos-playing film of all time!

Talk to you soon!!



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