Exposure and Contributors

Evening all!

It’s 2:33am, Thursday morning, August 15th, 2013 and I’m wide awake. Yeah, part of me is brain-storming, but a big part of me is networking and virtual-social-climbing my ass off. How do you do that, you ask? Well, by Tweeting as many people / celebrities / Film Production Studios you can think of that you are personally interested in on the off-chance that they’ll LOOK at what you’re doing, and like it enough to either Retweet it (RT), actually click the link and see what it’s about, or maybe, just maybe, like what you’re doing enough to make you their personal pet project. And yes, I feel dirty, I feel bad, but what else is an up-and-coming Filmmaker to do? I have to get exposure, I have to try anything I can to make my film happen and successful, and this is how it’s done, now-a-days, I suppose…

But does it work?

Yes and no. Peter Mayhew (yes, Chewbacca) not only commented on my campaign on Twitter (“looks interesting!”), but he ALSO retweeted it! Too bad my timing as bad and it was during San Diego Comic Con, which means barely many of his 30k followers saw it. So there’s that. But it’s a start! And I’ve just spent the last few hours doing just that.

So! Pass it around, people! We need the contributors and investors! We need the people to get interested in it enough to believe in it enough to contribute, purchase perks, and invest in us!

After all, not everyone is Spike Lee and worth $40 million, but still ask the public for $1.25 million on Kickstarter for the same old crappy film he’s been making for the past decade…..



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