More Twittering and Validation!


As you’ve all read, last night I did my usual Twitter-Social-Climbing. And we’ve had some successes in the support department! @TheNerdOnline, @cosplayblog, @Bardic_ (PvP Lead for Wildstar) retweeted our campaign link to the world! Well, to their followers, but that’s the world! I also found Kevin Smiths views on people like him and Spike Lee using Kickstarter to fund their films when they can very well do it themselves being unfair to Indie Filmmakers like myself an incredible view, very thankful for that, so I let him know this, and @ThatKevinSmith favourited it! Hey, acknowledgement is huge in this business…of any kind.

It’s deeply appreciated when people out there that HAVE the connections, that HAVE the pull, that know how it feels to push what you’re trying to do day after day, facing what seems like endless rejection when trying to just get the word out….it just means the world when that happens. It validates what you’re doing. And that means quite a bit in this business. There’s no business like show business, kids.