Films 4/2010 – Present

“The Hunt For Hope” a Film by Jay Bianco from BH8957 on Vimeo.

This is my Final Project for Visual Arts 365 Documentary Filmmaking University Course. This film is a documentary about how joining The 501st Legion has effected our family out here in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada. As always, I couldn’t have gotten this done as great as it is without the help of my kids and most of all the support and help of my lovely, brilliant, talented wife Lisa. She’s the reason I had the courage to join the 501st. She’s the reason I had the courage to go back to school after 20 years to follow my dream of becoming a professional filmmaker. She’s the reason I have the courage to live every day. I am very proud of this film – my first lengthy film at 10+ minutes. Thank you, my love. This is dedicated to the love of my life Lisa Bianco and to the Memory of my Father Anthony ‘Butchie’ Bianco.

This playlist is private. It can be shared, but others will not be able to view it until it is made public.

Watch LaterVA161 Winter 2012 Barbie Catches A Wave by Jay Bianco

Watch LaterDerelict SE – MY 3D Computer Animation Derelict_SE – a 3D Computer Animated Movie for CIS165 3D Animation by Jay Bianco

Watch LaterLisa’s Film!Lisa’s Valley of the Dead – Individual Student Film Project by BH8957

Watch Later4 Minute Glimpse by BH8957

Thumbnail1:28Watch Later
Outer Rim Squad: Canada Day 2012 “The Return” Trailer by BH8957


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